Answering Three Tire Care Questions


Car owners will often almost exclusively pay attention to the engine of their vehicles when it comes to performing maintenance. However, the tires of the car will also need regular care to keep them in good condition. Due to the performance issues and potential hazards that compromised tires can pose, making the error of overlooking this part of car care can be extremely costly. Here are a few things to consider before you invest in tires from your local new tire dealers.

What Is The Purpose Of Rotating Your Car's Tires?

While the tires of your car will suffer intense wear and tear from being used, it is a reality that they will not suffer this wear and tear evenly because the weight of the car will not always be perfectly balanced. As a result, it is necessary to rotate the tires of the vehicle on a regular basis. If one of your tires becomes excessively worn, you will need to have it replaced or face a risk of a blowout occurring. By rotating the tires, you can help ensure that they all suffer wear as evenly as possible, which will extend the life of your tires and reduce the vehicle's maintenance costs.

How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?

Some drivers may not check the tire pressure until they notice that a tire is visibly lower than it should be. Unfortunately, it can be possible for tires to be partially under or over inflated without showing obvious signs. If the air pressure in the tire is not correct, it can cause serious damage to it. While you may assume that the air pressure will only change due to a leak being present, it will also respond to changes in temperature. In order to make sure that you are adjusting the air pressure in your tires, you should check the air pressure in the tires at least after every season change.

Do You Really Need Winter Tires?

The winter months can bring extremely hazardous driving conditions. Sadly, drivers will frequently underestimate the importance of opting to place winter tires on their vehicles. These tires have specially designed treads that will be able to get a better grip on the road in icy conditions. In addition to upgrading to these tires, you may also want to invest in chains for your tires. If you have never used these chains, you may want to have a tire technician demonstrate the steps for putting the chains on the tires. Incorrectly doing this step can lead to the chains coming loose or failing to provide adequate traction.


23 June 2017

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