Common Signs Your Car Needs New Tires


Owning a car makes life a lot easier and more convenient, but your car will also require regular care and maintenance in order to be safe and operate properly. One of the most important aspects of caring for your car is paying attention to its tires and having them replaced when needed. While having your tires rotated regularly can extend the life of your tires and promote more even wear, the time will eventually come when all four tires need to be replaced. The best thing you can do is know how to recognize when your tires are going bad before you end up with a flat or have a tire blow out. Some of the common signs that it is time for new tires includes:

Vehicle Shakes While Driving

Your car may shake from time to time on uneven areas of the road, but if you notice near constant shaking while driving no matter the speed, it is often a sign that you have issues with your tires. In some cases, the shaking may be caused because the tires are unbalanced or not a line, but much of the time constant shaking while driving indicates that your tires have uneven wear or a major problem with the interior of the tire. Never ignore your car when it is shaking-- have it checked out by a mechanic and purchase new tires.

Very Low or No Tread on the Tires

An easy way for anyone to determine the health of their car's tires is by checking the tread level on each tire on a regular basis. If your tires barely have any tread left or are completely bald, it is essential to buy new tires as quickly as possible. The tread on your car's tires help's the car grip the road and makes a big impact while braking. In addition, tires with low or no tread are at a much higher risk of blowing out, creating a very dangerous driving situation.

Cracks or Damage to Sidewalls

Tires are under a lot of stress each time you drive your vehicle, and heat, snow, rain, and debris on the road can all cause damage to the sidewalls of the tires. Anytime a tire sidewall has damage, no matter how small, it makes the tire weaker and more prone to problems. Don't take your chances driving on tires that have cracks or any other signs of damage-- you are much better off purchasing new Falcen tires for your safety and peace of mind. 


28 February 2019

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