Learn How To Use A Tire When Training For An Obstacle Course


Training for an obstacle course can be difficult, especially if you do not have the right equipment you need to train well. A great piece of inexpensive equipment to invest in when you want to start training for an obstacle course is a tire. The guide below walks you through a few of the many ways that a tire can be used to create an amazing training routine.

Create a Drag Sled

A drag sled allows you to pull a heavy weight behind you to build the strength in your core and in your legs. To create a drag sled with an old tire, all you need to do is drill two holes into the tire. Thread a piece of rope through the tire that is roughly four to five yards long. Tie off the rope and then place it over your head and around your waist. Hold the rope in place and try to run while dragging the tire behind you.

Flip Large Tires to Build Leg, Core, and Arm Strength

Large tires can be very bulky and heavy. A great way to work out multiple muscles at one time is to flip one of these large tires multiple times in a row. Stand next to the edge of the tire with your feet a little wider than hip width. Have your toes pointed out and squat down until you can grasp under the tire. Pull the tire up as you thrust forward and push it over onto the other side. This will work out your legs, core, arms, and many other body parts at the same time.

Carry a Tire

Tires are available in many different sizes and weights. If you want to build your muscles quickly and easily, consider carrying tire from one end of your yard to the other end of your yard. Have tires of different weights available so that you can make the workout easier or harder as needed.

Do Sledgehammer Hits on the Edge of a Tire

Hitting a tire with a sledgehammer helps to work out your shoulders, arms, core, and back. When choosing a sledgehammer, be sure to start with one that is lightweight at first. This will diminish the chances of you hurting yourself while working out. Be sure to switch from side to side to ensure you work out both sides of your body.

When purchasing a tire to use, go to a tire shop and purchase the tire secondhand. You will not be driving on the road in the tire so it will not matter if the tire is bald or not. Buying it used will save you a lot of money in the end.


27 June 2017

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