Three Reasons To Put Race Tires On Your Truck


Racing tires on a truck? Yes, it is actually quite a common thing. No, you do not have to participate in street races when you have race tires on your truck. However, there are some good reasons/benefits for putting Pirelli race tires on a passenger truck.

Longer Life

Race tires are designed to last longer than regular tires, and with good reason. Race tires spend their lives burning rubber on a track underneath the fastest land machines on the planet. In their normal capacity, they can survive up to five hundred laps around a track going a hundred-plus miles an hour. On a passenger truck and any other road going no more than the fastest speed limit allowed, they last even longer.

Better Traction

How often has your truck spun out on dirt or gravel? What about ice or snow? Chances are, your standard tires got you and your truck stuck more often than you would like. Racing tires are designed to grip the ground or the road, regardless of any other materials that land on the track. Put those same tires on your truck and you get equally good traction, and make fewer calls to a towing company to get you out of a ditch.

Greater Heat Resistance

Hot asphalt in the desert is the closest thing your truck will ever come to burnt tire rubber. However, when your truck is sporting racing tires, these tires keep their cool. Even if you do drive through the American Southwest for miles and miles, racing tires barely feel the heat. Less melted rubber means means thicker, hardier tires with long-lasting tread.

Less Expense over Time

Initially, you may look at the price of racing tires, and think, "No way." Yet, when you take all of the above into consideration, it means that you will not have to replace your racing tires every other season or every other year either. That means that you pay extra up front so you do not pay double or triple to replace your tires on down the road. It is akin to buying the next five to ten years' worth of replacement tires in a single tire purchase. 

The Guarantee and the Warranty

Racing tires are performance tires, which means they have a better guarantee and a much better warranty. You pay for a premium product, and that means you get better coverage. Clearly, racing tires are worth investing in and worth putting on your passenger truck.


12 July 2017

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